Charity does not diminish wealth

​Who We Are

The Scottish Masonic Charitable Foundation of Western Australia Inc (SMCFWA) is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 2004 when the Board of Management of the Scottish Masonic Homes Society of WA Inc made a decision to sell the Retirement Homes in Menora and use the proceeds to further enhance their Charitable giving activities.

This name change allowed members and their families to be more involved in charitable activities within the community in which they live.


Our Vision

 "Improving the quality of life of all Western Australians through a more highly visible community practice of the principles and values of Scottish Freemasonry."

Our Mission

"Improve the quality of lives of Western Australians, through the provision of relief and creation of meaningful partnerships that are sustainable and mutually beneficial."


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Mobile: 0433 707 716

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